US Congress publishes memo: This is in the infamous secret paper

For days, the controversial paper kept the Washington excitement barometer at its peak. Now it is out. It’s about a dossier and how credible it is.

The memorandum published by the House of Representatives comes from the chairman of the intelligence committee, Devis Nunes, who is a confidant of the president. The opposition Democrats see the paper as an attempt to discredit the work of special investigator Robert Mueller.

It’s all about this:
At the core of the paper, which has been hotly debated in Washington for days, is the question of whether the FBI and the Department of Justice have been dismayed when assessing a controversial intelligence file that has been known for a year. Also based on this dossier, the Department of Justice and the FBI had been given court approval to oversee the Internet communications of Trump’s campaign advisor Carter Page. Page had close contacts with Russia.

What is Trump’s purpose with the memo?
The US Republicans and Donald Trump in particular hope to undermine the credibility of the Russia investigation. The Democrats therefore fear that Trump could use the paper as an opportunity to dismiss Deputy Justice Minister Rod Rosenstein and Special Investigator Mueller. This could trigger a “constitutional crisis”. Mueller is currently preparing the hearing of the President. He not only traces the Moscow contacts before Trump took office, but also the suspicion that Trump, later as president, might have tried to interfere with the investigation of these contacts in a punishable manner.

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