Most expensive Samsung phone ever? So much should the Galaxy S9 cost

At the end of February Samsung will present the successor to the Galaxy S8. With the Galaxy S9, the company also wants to make Apple’s iPhone X competition. Meanwhile, more and more details are known – including the price of the new Samsung flagship.

Just a few days after the launch on February 25, the Galaxy S9 in South Korea can already be pre-ordered: From March 2, the smartphone should be available there, as reported by SamMobile, citing the South Korean industry magazine ET News.

The report also provides initial information on the possible price of the Galaxy S9. Accordingly, the device could be a bit more expensive than the previous model. Expected is a price increase, which moves in the range of 15 to 55 dollars.

The Galaxy S9 could cost up to 850 euros
If this prognosis is confirmed and it is assumed that Samsung also in this country turns on the price screw, the Galaxy S9 should be available from March for around 815-850 euros. However, the Samsung flagship is still significantly cheaper than the iPhone X, which cost more than 1100 euros to launch.

As usual, however, this high price is likely to decline rapidly after initially high demand. Since the release of the Galaxy S8, its retail price has almost halved.

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