Melania Trump classified marriage crisis as “fake news”

The US First Lady has rejected rumors of a marriage crisis in the White House. Reports that Melania Trump spent some nights in a hotel in Washington are false, Trump spokesperson Stephanie Grisham said on Twitter (local time) on Friday. Trump focuses on her family and her role as First Lady and ignores the “unrealistic scenarios with which the Fake News go peddling daily”.

There have been reports in the past week that US President Donald Trump had an affair with a porn actress when he was already married to Melania. Stormy Daniels described in an interview with the US magazine “InTouch” a sexual encounter with Trump in 2006, after the two had met at a golf tournament. A year earlier Trump had married his third wife Melania.

On Thursday afternoon (local time) it was worth US media then a breaking news that the First Lady had flown to Florida. Alone. CNN was confirmed landing in West Palm Beach. Instead of expecting the returning from Switzerland world politicians at home in the White House, the broadcasters whispered, make them solo on the way to the Sun State, in which also lies Trump’s weekend home Mar-a-Lago. What is going on there?

On the night of Friday, the “New York Post” joined the First Lady. Yes, she lives her role very unusual. But Melania Trump made it clear to everyone that she owed nothing to anyone. “A woman should not have to give up her own life to serve the ambitions of her husband,” the paper said. With her behavior, Melania Trump makes her attitude more than clear, and other women should be proud of it.

Anyway, the president himself was supposed to travel back to Washington from Davos. His daily schedule envisaged arriving at the White House on Friday, 8:05 pm local time. There was no talk of Florida.

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