Lilly Becker: Where does that come from? Completely new look!

Would we recognize Lilly Becker on the street? The wife of Boris Becker now wears plaited braids instead of her black curly hair – and they almost reach to her bottom.

A lascivious pose on the chair, a hot outfit in lederhosen and a new frieze – this is how Lilly Becker (41) presents herself on her Instagram profile. Did a new look also have to be made for the new year? After all, 2017 was anything but a blessing for her family. Husband Boris Becker (50) is said to be in serious financial trouble, even declared bankrupt by an English court.

And Lilly too was anything but peaceful last year. In her participation in the reality show “Global Gladiator” she chatted cheerfully about the problems of her marriage – of course, in front of the camera.

For 2018 probably had a whole new I now. At the top of the video you can see how much she has changed.

Lilly Becker, the Megacick?
Actually, Lilly Becker is known as always cheerful temperament, but in a series “Austria’s Nex Topmodel”, the Austrian counterpart to “Germany’s Next Top Model”, showed the mother of the little Amadeus (7) a very different side and mobbed the candidates neat. Everything only show, but was quickly clear. Here you will learn what it really was.

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