Apple makes record business with iPhone X – but the prospects are bleak

Can Apple make its customers an iPhone up to 1300 euros palatable, was the exciting question in the past quarter. At least during the Christmas business, the Apple plan worked. On the other hand, how things will continue over the next few months is not so clear.

When the iPhone X was announced, it immediately struck a lot of skepticism. A phone that costs 1149 euros in the cheapest version? Has Apple finally spanned it? At least for the debut in the Christmas quarter, the doubters were wrong. The X has remained since the launch in early November, the best-selling iPhone model, as Apple CEO Tim Cook in the presentation of fresh quarterly numbers said.

Although the group remained true to itself and did not give exact figures for the sale of individual iPhone versions. But the jump in the average iPhone retail price of 695 to 796 dollars is a clear indication: The most expensive Apple phone was initially a hit.

According to calculations by the market research firm Strategy Analytics, Apple, with 77.3 million iPhones sold, once again managed to move past Samsung in a Christmas quarter past the top of the smartphone market.

The Gretchenfrage: What’s next with the iPhone X?
The only question is: Is this going on, beyond the Christmas business, where the money may be looser than usual? Recently, analysts and the media reported that Apple had significantly reduced the manufacturing order to its suppliers, which was interpreted as a sign of falling demand. However, such information from the widely diversified supply chain had already proved to be unreliable in the past. The outlook of Apple itself delivered now contradictory signals.

The $ 60 to $ 62 billion revenue forecast for the current quarter disappointed the analysts – they had expected more with 65 billion. At the same time, CFO Luca Maestri assured that iPhone sales will continue to grow at a double-digit percentage rate this quarter. However, Apple also expect a greater drop in the average iPhone price than usual.

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